The Hallowed Track


The two most famous speedways in the United States are The Indianapolis Speedway and The Daytona 500. The Indianapolis Speedway is the first one constructed in the United States in 1909. It has a permanent seating area of 257,325. Infield seating raises the capacity to 400,000. It is the largest ever made and is more of a rectangular oval than the original construction plans indicated.

Since August 19, 1909 248 automobile races have taken place there and 137 separate drivers have won. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum was constructed on the grounds in 1956. There are three major events that take place at the speedway which are the Indy 500 Series, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and FIM MotoGP.

The track surface is asphalt and brick and contains four turns. It is located on 16th street and Georgetown Road in Indianapolis. There is a lot to do there. The most popular are the Outside Groovin’ Music Festival, a festival parade and Legends of the Day at Indy which is a celebration to honor Mario Andretti and Jason Aldean with a concert. There is also a lot of places to shop, museums to visit and park areas for children to play at. They have many types of restaurants to eat at that are geared toward family and singles. They also have great hotels and other places to stay. With the speedway museum being inside the speedway grounds it is a great place for the whole family with memorabilia and a ton of information on the speedway.

This speedway was constructed in 1958 and opened in 1959 in located in Daytona Beach, Florida. The Daytona 500 is the most prestigious race in NASCAR and people will travel from all kinds of different states to attend a world famous speedway. It includes races involving motorcycles such as Motorcross, AMA Superbike and others. This track offers multiple layouts to accommodate as many different kinds of races. The speedway can also gain more revenue with the multiple layouts to the speedway. The International Speedway Corporation possesses ownership of the speedway. The banked design of the speedway gave the drivers of the cars and the riders of the motorcycles more speed and the audience a much better view of the race. This makes the experience well worth the money. Lights were installed in 1998 and it is the third largest outdoor-lit sports venue.
The speedway in Daytona was renovated 3 times so far. The infield was renovated in 2004 and the speedway was repaved in 1978 and 2010. The speedway is yet again being renovated and the project is being called “Daytona Rising” The plans are to make more artistic adaptions to what already exist and to move the seating to accommodate more fans to come and visit. The revised speedway should be available in the year 2016. Out of the seven different tracks that they offer the dirt track is the only one that is made of dirt instead of asphalt like the other six. There are two highlights for the fans called the Sprint Fan-zone and The Budweiser Party Porch.