Tailgating Made Better With a Generator

There are some uses for a portable generator you can’t imagine beyond wilderness camping and an RV on the road. Consider the following scenario.

A NASCAR fanatic won’t miss a race unless he is dying. If you can’t be there, you make do with televised programs like most fans. You always make sure a TV is accessible. But there is nothing like a front seat at the track. In fact, if you are lucky enough to be present in the flesh, you will no doubt join the happy tailgaters who are known to party and camp with gusto and glee. I have heard about and seen it all.

Food and beer are in abundance before the big race. Tasty victuals are required—from the basic BBQ to gourmet picnics. Racetrack parking lots are overflowing venues for festivities that can get pretty wild. RVs, small campers, tents, vans, are loaded with diehard fans. I am in the midst of acres upon acres of guzzling fans upon many occasions. Talladega Superspeedway is my home away from home. I have photos to prove it.

Some places are even family-friendly. The kids expect raucous but sometimes get less. Sonoma Raceway gets some eco types and health nuts with their carafes of white wine. Midwesterners flock to Michigan’s MIS while Bristol Motor Speedway gets wild Tennessee crowd. In some places, there is a great sense of camaraderie and community. If you want to watch qualifying events on TV powered by a neighbor’s generator, by all means do so.

Speaking of generators, I remember one time when I was too far gone to move a muscle. The TV was a lifesaver. My cohort that day brought with him a the best portable generator I’d ever seen as a possible backup for on air information sources. I was truly grateful for the foresight. After that, I went out a bought one for myself. I can take it anywhere on the circuit—TMS to Las Vegas Motor Speedway and any place in between. If you didn’t gamble enough in the hotbed of risk, make your way to Dover in NC with the convenient adjacent casino.

Tailgating is an art and much more than a mere NASCAR pastime. It is a ritual, a rite of passage, and a necessary evil. What is life without a trip to Daytona? The spirit of fun is contagious. Put it on your bucket list. My generator goes with me there too. It remains in the van in any case as I am often on the road. I may not make it as far as New Hampshire, but I do get to Darlington often, and I strive to visit them all at least once. What about you?

This blog has turned into a paean to speedways, and most importantly, the picturesque proceedings before the races. I bet you have a good story to tell. Tailgating is how we give NASCAR its due. It is a sport of celebration in itself and a group joy. We go into it with spirit and come out elated.