Keeping a Crowd Cool

Yikes! Summer is so intense. That darned sun blasts down on the focused crowd at the tract causing rivers of sweat to descend on their upturned eager faces. They are watching the race unfold as they wipe beads of dew from their brows. Not to be deterred from their NASCAR obsession, they put up with the weather and the enveloping heat. They sip iced drinks and try not to move too much.

Diehard fans go summer, fall, winter, and spring. They don’t let a little warmth deter them, or for that matter a little rain or snow. You know who you are. It’s all about the race. But when it heats up, it may be time for a little cool down. In between the action, it would be nice to have some ceiling fans and misters around the track in strategic places like mini rest areas. It would be hard to do this everywhere, but people need a quick respite, and a few minutes under a cool breeze would do the job.

I suppose some giant whirring non-stop fans would be in order, mounted in the ceilings here and there or free standing. Maybe they could check out some of these ceiling fan reviews and get some cooling happening. Some of them are pretty powerful when on full blast like the ones with streamers in the front flapping in the wind. They would have to be near safe electrical outlets and cords would not likely be displayed in case of tripping as excitement builds. They would have to be well out of the way of rambunctious kids. Heavy enough not to tip over and big enough to have an impact, such fans could save the day for those on the verge of a fainting spell.

It probably sounds nuts, and on those sweltering 100 degree plus days you should probably just stay home under your own little version of a cooling fan. You would have a cold beer in hand and a bowl of popcorn or nuts on the coffee table. With your feet propped up comfortably, you are quite content to be safely indoors. You get close up views, replays, and breaks to get major food.

This is not the case for all NASCAR fans, however. They brave the climate, whatever it is, and get out there and support their guys. Forget the harsh elements—those striking rays that beat down on your unprotected head. So get a logo cap and a moist toilette or two. I am not advocating sun stroke mind you, just a few necessary precautions. Let the kinds find shelter and use sunscreen on everyone! If you are vigilant, you will survive.

There is nothing as exciting as a live NASCAR race anytime of the year. Keeping cool is a tactic to employ so be clever and take ample care. You will enjoy it more if you are not fidgeting and frustrated. Ice goes a long way. Wear dark glasses and you will avoid glare. You don’t want to miss a second (and it comes down to that) of the action.