Get Behind the Wheel: Get Involved


Getting involved in racing is not always easy, but well worth the effort you put into it. The first part of the process is doing the research. Doing your homework on racing and how to get started will give you so much insight and “tricks of the trade” so to speak. Usually there is a monetary fee of some sort. Sometimes expensive and sometimes cheap, it varies from track to track. You may have to have a special type of insurance on the car you plan on driving or you may have to meet certain specification that you are unaware of. You may need to work for a while to save up the money to participate. It may be frustrating to play the waiting game, but in the time you have to save the money you may be able to find more things that would get you even more prepared. You can never be too prepared to do something that you love with a passion. Check to see statistics on the danger of the sport, what the requirements are pertaining to age and vehicle expectations from the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America). You could find information on the SCCA online and they should have a phone number and address to contact them further.

There are so many different ways to get started after doing extensive research on racing. Depending on where you are located and how far you are willing to travel, some local speedways have many different activities for beginners to get some experience on. Sometimes tracks will be sponsored by local chapters for night rallies. Your vehicle will have to pass an inspection and you will most likely be required to have insurance on the vehicle.

All rallies do have seat belt and helmet requirements for all drivers. There are tons of websites you can visit to find all of the information you could need to get started. You can also take professional driving courses to learn the ropes extensively. Even though you take a course in professional driving you would still need to participate in small rallies to gain more experience and to meet people that will help you gain more knowledge on how to get to the big races if you want. The small steps are the best way to get to the bigger ones. There are drag races that are monitored by the SCCA on the track so that no one gets into trouble, but still get to do what he or she are passionate about. If you are really committed to the art of racing, and yes it is considered an art, you will find a way to participate.

Visiting website after website can be frustrating, exhausting and grueling depending on how badly you want to do it. Be sure that it is the right thing for you so that you do not feel as though you have wasted your time and the time of others trying to help you because when people reach out to help they do it because the love of the sport reaches deep to their core. It is by no means something they take lightly and neither should you.