Watching at Home

There’s no doubt that I’d rather get behind a wheel and race anything else. If I can’t be racing, then being at a race in person is the next best thing. If I can’t be doing that, then having a get together at the home to watch the big race for that weekend is still a satisfactory third option. I know a lot of people who love to have a barbecue or go to a sports bar or pub to have a good time, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got them all beat!

You see, I get some snacks together. We fire up the 51” TV. Then we light the fireplace and let the magic begin. I like to call this “firegating.”

In Many Ways, Firegating Beats Tailgating By a Mile 

Going to a race is awesome, but the tailgating experience can be hit or miss. Some venues don’t even allow it. For those that do, you’re often restricted by the types of food you can bring. Most places don’t allow any grilling whatsoever! I get the safety concerns, but who wants to eat cold cuts, coleslaw, and Jell-o when you could have hot wings, burgers, and fries?

There’s also the issue of having those rogue fools who don’t respect anyone’s space coming your way. Throwing a football is great, but at least have the ability to catch it instead of allowing your ball to hit my truck!

With firegating, there aren’t any of this problems at all. If people want to toss the pigskin around before the race, they can head out into the backyard. I can grill outside or broil inside without an issue. We can gather around the television, with the support of the fireplace, and have a pretty awesome time. If you could take firegating with you to the track, that would be awesome!

NASCAR by the fire equals awesomeness as well.

Why Light the Fireplace For the Race?

Firegating, just like tailgating, is all about the atmosphere first. You can have a beer, something harder if you want, your favorite eats, and just have a good time. That’s what the fireplace helps people do because it instantly puts everyone at ease. It’s like the ultimate icebreaker – instead of playing some lame, cheesy game, people can talk NASCAR, F1, or their favorite series, have good grub, and a better time.

I probably have the best wood stove in my group of my friends, and having a quality fireplace is the key to firegating. You’ve also got to have enough supplies to go around. If you run out of chips, beer, or soda, you’re going to lose people. If you let the fire go out, you’re also going to lose people! For the best firegating experience in your home, I recommend having plenty of everything on hand.

After all, if you have too much, then you’re just ready for another NASCAR firegating experience! Now if only I can encourage racing officials to have portable fireplaces in parking lots for us to enjoy and the world will be a better place…